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The Scale and Extent of Flooding

House Flooding


Mozambique is wailing at the moment due to the aftermath of the massive cyclone that slammed Mozambique in recent times. The international federation of the Red Cross now says that the number of dead people could increase significantly as they get further and further into the devastated areas. As we speak, the official number of dead is eighty-four, but the country’s president fears that more than a thousand people may have been killed. This is cyclone Idai which made landfall near one of the ports in the country. Debris and fallen trees are making it difficult to get into the hard-hit areas, and the rush is on to get food supplies through. For Mozambique, it has been a wake of a storm with no mercy for those in its path. The fragile dwellings of so many have been swept away for they are ill-equipped to stand the wrath of the storm. The impact of this cyclone has become clear as help finds its way into the affected cities. Main routes into the affected areas have been cut off by the storm making it difficult to reach the hard-hit parts of the country.

Africa receives recognition from its neighboring continents as being a paradise that rarely gets the feel of cyclones or earthquakes. Flash floods, Hurricanes, and cyclones are news to many Africans, but this time around, the dark claws of fate have made their way into a land that has been out of reach when it comes to natural disasters. The cyclone was indeed unexpected in the country and it not a wonder that many households are ill-equipped with protective measures against floods. To the communities in the hard-hit regions, Flash floods mean death for many languish in poverty living the hand to mouth kind of life. It is now clear that global warming is real and not part of this planet is to be spared.


Floods have wreaked havoc in the Middle East, and Iran has been receiving much of the attention. The official death from a week-long wave of torrential flooding in Iran has risen to 44 according to Anadolu Agency reports, and thousands have been hospitalized due to injuries. The flooding has also been said to trigger excessive rainfall causing material damage that is worth millions of dollars. Flash flooding in southern and parts of the western side of Iran has caused the death of more than 20 people leaving hundreds injured and homeless. It is the Iranian New Year holidays. Thus the disaster has hit the country at a very important time of the year where many were caught up in transit as they try to get to various destinations for vacation. The government has therefore advised its citizens to cancel any trips and take the warnings issued out by the disaster management organizations seriously. Text messages have also been issued out to warn people about taking routes that may expose them to flooding including those in river banks and mountains.

The country’s meteorological Organization has acted swiftly in an attempt to save lives the organization has put twelve provinces on high alert with regard to coming floods which may result from heavy rains. Many citizens are cooperating with government agencies during the evacuation, but a few people are refusing to cooperate out of fear of losing their property. It is evident that flooding is a global issue and it is a high time to keep countries individuals and organizations prepared.

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