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Snowdrift protection for your home? Floodshield might be designed to hold back flood water, but water can present a big problem to you home even when it is not fast flowing.

Winter in a lot of places can mean heavy snow and blizzards. And there is nothing worse than opening that front door after an overnight snow storm, knowing that buckets of powder are going to collapse into your house.

Floodshield is ideally suited to helping with this. It will mean that you can easily open your door in the morning without half the snowdrift bursting in on you, allowing you to begin the clearing. Built out of tough polypropylene, Floodshield can take freezing temperatures, snow drifts, water and ice in its stride.

It takes only seconds to fit the Floodshield, and it can be done easily even whilst wearing gloves. Once clipped into place, it can be left there without needing to worry about it being stolen, and once the door is closed it cannot be removed.

We also offer our Stormguard, which is an attachment to the top of your Floodshield, that prevents snow and rain from building up behind the Floodshield if it is going to be in place for a long period of time. This is very cost effective, and very effective!

And once you have dug your way out of your house, and the sun has fought through the clouds, the Floodshield can be quickly unclipped and put back into storage ready for the next snow day.

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