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The award winning Floodshield door barrier simply clips by hand and seals against the frame of your existing door. It is fitted in minutes without the need for tools, permanent fixtures, or alterations to your property.

Our barriers have protected thousands of homes over the last decade and have been performance tested in both the test station and real flood conditions. Our barriers have been trusted by Local Councils, water companies and housebuilders and developers.

Sizes & how to measure

Floodshield comes in 6 standard sizes, fitting nearly all inward opening residential doors

Width (mm) Width (inches)
Size 1 780 30 ¾
Size 2 830 32 ¾
Size 3 880 34 ½
Size 4 910 35 ¾
Size 5 930 36 ½
Size 6 980 38 ½

Measure for a Floodshield barrier between the brickwork as shown in measurement A below (overall width of doorframe).

Choose the Floodshield size which is nearest to, but not larger than Measurement A to allow the barrier to clip to and seal against the outside surface of the doorframe.

Measurement A - overall width of the doorframe.
The barrier in place overlapping onto the doorframe a minimum of 1½" (38mm) each side.

Floodshield seal types

There are two options of seal for the Floodshield barrier. One for standard door frames, and one for uPVC door frames. If you need help with the below, feel free to contact us and we will assist.

Standard door frames

The Floodshield deal for standard door frames seals to the frame and down onto the step, whether concrete, stone or timber.

For questions on standard door frames, please click here to see our help guide.

uPVC door frames

The seal for UPVC type frames seals continuously to the outer face of the door frame.

For UPVC door frames with no bottom threshold, or any other questions on UPVC frames, please click here to see our help guide.

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Risk free! We offer free worldwide shipping on all Floodshields, a 2 year manufacturer's warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee.

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