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How long will the Floodshield Barrier last if used regularly?
The Floodshield Door Barrier will last indefinitely as a result of the materials used in its design. You will only need to purchase a Floodshield Barrier once.
How strong is the Flood Protection Door Barrier and what is it made of?
The Floodshield Door Barrier is made of tough polypropylene plastic. It is lightweight (5kg) and highly resistant to impact. The design of the Floodshield Barrier enables it to withstand the pressure from flood water. The door barrier clips are produced from stainless steel (will not rust) and the barrier's seal is a soft but durable EPDM sponge rubber.
Your barrier needs to overlap onto the door frame by 1 ½ inches each side for the barrier to clip onto the door frame, what do you suggest I can do with a door frame narrower than this?
Affixing a wooden batten each side of the door frame will increase the width of the outside surface to a above the required 1 ½ inches (35mm). This will allow the barrier to seal and clip to the frame correctly. Once the wooden batten is painted it becomes part of your door frame. Go to our wooden door frames help section for a diagram example.
My UPVC door frame has plastic trim down the edges, where the door frame meets the brickwork. Will I need to avoid the plastic when I choose the barrier size?
UPVC door frames are approx. 3 inches (75mm) wide, which allows the barrier to overlap at least 1 ½ inches (35mm) each side of the door frame. This width means that there should be ample space to fit the barrier whilst avoiding the plastic trim. Go to our UPVC door frames help section for a diagram example of this.

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