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Floodshield Barrier
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The ultimate in flood defence.
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Protect your patio doors and garage...

Sandbags that aren't sandbags! Light as a feather, each box comes with 20 FloodSax, enough to protect a 2 metre doorway.

Protect your air brick vents...

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Easy to forget about, but your home may have as many as ten air bricks, allowing circulation throughout the building. They also allow water to enter if they are not properly sealed.
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Protect your downstairs toilet...

Toilet Stopper
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Unfortunately, when flood water rises, it will rise in your drains too. If you have a downstairs toilet then this can result in foul water coming up through the basin and into your house.

Protect when it rains...

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Floodshield is designed to protect your home against rising flood water. But if you are using it in hurricane conditions, snow storms, or plan on leaving it in place for a period of time, StormGuard will prevent build up of water behind the Floodshield.

Protect everything else...

Flood Emergency Pack
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We know from personal experience that sometimes you only really find out where water can get into your house when it is already coming in. Our Emergency Flood Pack contains various tools which will help you block nasty surprises.

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