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Where Will Flood Water Enter Your House?

Not only is flood water a hazard, but it is also inconvenient to your home as well as your health, especially when water damage is not quickly and properly contained. Floods may damage your belongings and significantly affect the structure of your home, and this can lead to costly repairs. A water company can help … Continued

The Scale and Extent of Flooding

Africa Mozambique is wailing at the moment due to the aftermath of the massive cyclone that slammed Mozambique in recent times. The international federation of the Red Cross now says that the number of dead people could increase significantly as they get further and further into the devastated areas. As we speak, the official number … Continued

Which Countries Have the Greatest Flood Risk?

Flooding is described as the overflow of water, that is contributed to by heavy rains, rivers breaking their banks or raising sea levels. This results in submerging of the dry land by waters and has an effect of causing damages to properties and risking the lives of the populace. The phenomenon happens in places with … Continued

About Domestic Flood Barriers

Urban floods have become more frequent around the world in recent years due to the impact of climate change. Moreover, intensive urbanization has brought about an increase of impermeable surfaces and thus the risk of flood damage to buildings. Indeed, floods pose a threat to the safety of human lives. If you live, conduct business, … Continued

When a House Gets Flooded

My phone buzzed in my pocket late morning on Boxing Day 2015. It was my brother, Will. The flood warning for Otley had just been updated and it didn’t look good. His house faced the River Wharfe and he was watching the water slowly rise over the steps, then the pavement, and finally into the … Continued