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About Domestic Flood Barriers

Urban floods have become more frequent around the world in recent years due to the impact of climate change. Moreover, intensive urbanization has brought about an increase of impermeable surfaces and thus the risk of flood damage to buildings. Indeed, floods pose a threat to the safety of human lives. If you live, conduct business, or own property in a flood-prone area, you may be questions about how to better protect your house and belongings, and as a matter of fact, you must have been engaging in the dire search for a lasting solution. You may also have tried to use sandbags or dig trenches around your house in an attempt to avert a crisis, but have you tried flood barriers?

Flood Barrier
A Floodshield domestic flood barrier holding back flood water

More about Flood Barriers

Flood barriers can be crafted from aluminium or composite material. The material to be used is usually dependent on the size of the barrier. Aluminium flood barriers may be manufactured to any width whereas composite barriers may be limited in terms of width. However, aluminum barriers are much more expensive, and can be hard to fit in a hurry. These barriers are designed to restrict floodwater from entering your property. They could be either fixed or flexible. They are reliable flood mitigation tools, and they can go a great way to protect your property or even business from any damages due to flooding. The choice of a flood barrier depends on the customers need. In terms of length, the design of these barriers is flexible, and they can be made to fit any length, and on top of that, the owner of the property is at liberty to choose from the multiple height options depending on the range of flood risks. These barriers are user friendly, and they are an effective method of protecting your business and residence from deadly effects of floods.

How they Work

Flood barriers work! Since they are demountable, they can be deployed in the face of an imminent flood. A flood event can be a real cause of panic in your life, and you may be forced to move out of your property for months as you await clean up and repair to be completed. The existence of flood barriers around residential or business land reduces the ingress of water hence reducing the amount of work done during clean up. Some may argue that the barriers are useless in the face of a storm surge or in incredibly heavy flooding. Although in such a case the amount of flowing water may exceed the height of the barriers, and cause a little damage, this damage is minimal compared to a scenario where none are installed. Therefore, we can assert that flood barriers work by preventing the entry of water into buildings in the face of shallow floods, and by reducing the amount of water entering a building in the face of heavy flooding.

Improving Efficiency

In a bid to maximize the effectiveness of flood barriers, you are advised to be precise and accurate when deploying the flood systems to avoid errors, and during the flood, it is good for people to be present in order to monitor the systems. Additionally, it is advisable to check the ground conditions prior to installation since a flush threshold is necessary for the flood barrier to seal against. In cases where the ground conditions are not fit, metal floor plates may be installed along with the flood barriers. For certainty, when flood barriers are installed properly with great accuracy and technique, the damage is averted.

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