The International Award Winning Floodshield Flood Protection Door Barrier

We manufacture the International award winning Floodshield® Flood Protection Door Barrier. We sell direct to the public making it the most inexpensive barrier on the market.

There are two types of Floodshields, one for UPVC door frames and one for wooden door frames. The barrier simply clips to and seals against the flat outside surface of UPVC door frames, it also seals down onto the step for wooden door frames. The floodshield comes in 6 standard sizes.


Flood Demonstration Video

Sizes available

Firstly measure between the brickwork as shown in measurement A (overall width of doorframe), then choose the flood barrier size which is nearest to Measurement A, but not larger than Measurement A to allow the barrier to clip to and seal against the outside surface of the doorframe.

How to measure for your floodshield.

 Width (mm)Width (inches)
Size 1780 mm30 3/4″ approx
Size 2830mm32 3/4″ approx
Size 3880mm34 1/2″ approx
Size 4910mm35 3/4″ approx
Size 5930mm36 1/2″ approx
Size 6980mm38 1/2″ approx

All barrier heights are 565mm (22 ¼ inches).

Floodshield Benefits

  • Comes ready to use
  • Fitted in minutes
  • No tools required
  • No survey required
  • No fixtures or fittings to property
  • No alterations to property
  • Seals against existing door frame
  • Unique hand adjustable clips
  • Cannot be stolen
  • 6 standard sizes (widths)
  • Barrier height 570mm (22inches)
  • Designed to last
  • Performance tested